Collections of work 1993- present


html, css, js, responsive web
Project 01

Web Sites

web sites utilizing Bootstrap framework and media queries and other technologies.

UCD - Interface

Usability - Web sites, Intranet, Learning Management Systems, Applications
Project 02

Wireframes, POCs, Prototypes

Focus on end user (customers - students) experience. Utilizing current best practices in accessiblity, testing, tracking and validations.

  • Client:
    Computer Associates
  • Role: Art Direction, UI developer
  • Year: 2003- Present


sites, demos, marketing
Project 02

Flash - ActionScript

Animation based web sites, demos, interactive exercies, banners created with Flash

  • ClientS:
    Spirit shoes
    Roebuck Consulting Group
    Unique Autosports

  • Role: Flash developer
  • Year: 2005 - 2009


logos, print, marketing
Project 03

Design and create brands - set guidlines.

  • Client:
    Certification Partners LLC
    Fari Designs
    Dariush School
    Nucleus Acacemic
  • Role: Art Direction, Designer
  • Year: 2007 - 2013


Project 04

Indiegogo crowdfunding video

  • Client: Nucleus Academic Learning
  • Role: Film Director, co-editor
  • Year: 2013

at the buzzer comics

Published 1998-2000 Sports Eye Magazines
Project 05

Caricatures of sports figures based on current events.

  • Client: Sports Eye Inc.
  • Role: Illustrator
  • Year: 1998 - 2000


Independent studies
Project 04

All 500+ cell illustrations drawn by hand.

  • Role: Storyboard, illustrations, audio and video by Fa
  • Year: 1997


Art K-12
Project 06

Multi-medium teaching - New York standards.

  • Role: Art teacher
  • Year: 2000


1991- 1994
Project 06


Creativity in 3D: welding iron, steel - wood integration.

  • Role: Artist
  • Year: 1992 - 1994

Book Covers

Published 2007 - 2013
Project 08

Book Covers

  • Client:
    Certification Partners LLC
  • Role: Designer
  • Year: 2008 - 2010


Farshad has over 15 years of experience in creative multimedia development. While working with various Learning Management Systems, Farshad has enriched the user experience by enhancing the aesthetic features as well as building better functionality through advanced interactive components.

Farshad studied Art History and Studio Art as an undergrad, completed extensive studies in animation and received his Masters in Education.

In addition to dedicated work in the education industry, Farshad has had sculpture exhibitions, published illustrations in sports magazines (his comic column "at the buzzer"), created successful marketing campaigns and products.